Industrial Hardware, Hydraulic and Benefits of Diffusion Oil

Searching for products for your industry or plant? Get and Buy the most flawless parts for your plastic injection machine such as vertical or horizontal machine, hand injection of 100 Metric ton, 200 Metric ton, and so on.

We provide products related to metal coatings such as zinc which shield ferrous metals from rust. Colors such as metallic paint, bronze, silver, and much more used for polishing. In addition to Dyes and pigment used for metal coating purposes, for clothes, and also solute and solvent colors are also available.

We have a wide range of Oils for all purposes such as a Silicone Diffusion pump oil for vapor ejector pumps which are used in industrial and research applications and used for heavy-duty enclosed gear drives. Filaments made up of Tungsten has a high melting point, high resistivity, good strength, and low vapor pressure.

Industrial hardware tools such as Allanki, Nut bolt, Taparia tools, Moulding tools and Electronics, High-Density polythene Twine, Filament, and many products that are necessary for the Machinery we have. We are an eminent provider of high quality best Diffusion Pump fluid ( Oils) such as D. C. 204 and X- 17 which are trusted brands for the past 30 years which also have a silicone oil percentage.

Hydraulic restricts to push systems that use moving liquids while pneumatic restricts to push systems that use moving air, and it needs for the compressor. We have Hydraulic pumps, Valves, Piston pumps, logic valves, modular valves, and so on.

Benefits of Diffusion Oil

•Low Vacuum Time

•Less Frequent Oil Replacement and Reduced Downtime

•Chemically Inert

•Non-Flammable and non-toxic, therefore totally safe to use

•very competitively priced

•Prolonged Service Life

•Compatible with all Diffusion Pumps

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Rajendra Traders is one of India's top Distributor and Supplier for various Industrial and Commercial equipment with immense knowledge in this field for last 35 years, we have grown much bigger, with our products being supplied to 15+ States and still counting. But our core values remain the same.

We Distribute all types of Multi-core Polycab Wires which include 2, 3 & 4 core cables, Aluminum Wire, Tungsten Wires, Molybdenum and Gun metal wire.

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