Buy Roller, Cylindrical & Ballscrew Bearings

Anything that reduces friction between moving parts that forces relative motion to only the desired motion is done by a bearing which is a machine element. It is used to provide free linear movement of the moving part or for free rotation around a fixed axis with radial and axial loads. Also used to prevent the motion by controlling vectors of normal forces that support moving parts.

Our company is a Distributor & Supplier of various types of Roller, Ballscrew, Needles including plain bearing. Buy Cylindrical, Tapered roller bearings which are made up of high carbon chrome steel due to its expected performance and spherical roller bearing permits rotation by permitting angular misalignment and with low friction. The offered item is available with brand names such as SKF, NACHI, DEV, TNT & HCH with us which are delivered to all over India and our offered range is highly appreciated among the patrons for its high durability and standard finish.


What is the function of a deep groove bearing?

-The main function of a deep groove type is to transmit power from one end of the line to the other.

-it needs good support to ensure stability and friction-less rotation. The support for the shaft is known as "Bearing" and the shaft has running fit in it.

-These all are provided some lubrication arrangement to reduced friction between shaft and bearing.

Price: Starts from ₹30

Types of Bearing Classifications and How They Work:

They are classify into 6 different types, each of which works on different principles:

-Plain: consisting of a shaft rotating in a hole.

-Rolling-element: in which rolling components placed between the turning and stationary races prevent sliding friction. There are two main types:

-Ball Bearing, in which the rolling elements are spherical balls.

-Roller Bearing, in which the rolling elements are cylindrical, taper, or spherical rollers.

-Jewel: a plain or cylindrical rollers in which one of the bearing surfaces is made of an ultra-hard glassy jewel material such as sapphire to reduce friction and wear.

-Fluid: a non-contact bearing in which the load is supported by a gas or liquid.

-Magnetic: in which the load is supported by a magnetic field.

-Flexure: in which the motion is supported by a load element which bends.

How do Ball bearings reduce friction?

Reducing friction in ball bearings is often important for performance, to reduce corrosion and to facilitate extended use at high rates and to avoid overheating and premature failure of it. Essentially, it can reduce friction by virtue of its shape, by its material, or by introducing and containing a fluid between surfaces or by separating the surfaces with an electromagnetic field.

-By shape, material, fluid, fields, air pressure using all of these reduces friction.


Main Features are:

•Color: Grey, Grey-silver, Silver.

•Shape: Round, Spiral.

•Lubrication : Grease, Oil.

•High precision, Rotating shaft, and high speed.


Main Applications are:

•Hydraulic Cylinders.

Industrial Mixers & Shakers.

•Plastic Card Printers.

•Power Hand Tools.

•Commercial Blenders.

•Industrial Blowers.