Types of Heater in Injection Molding| Nozzle, Mica

Heaters are used for maintaining temperature in conduits and nozzles, Injection molding process, as well as cartridge and strip heaters for heating molds. They are used for contact heating in machines and for heating of molds and tools mainly in the plastic -, casting - and rubber industry. Band heaters, made of mica or ceramics covered with metal sheets, are used for contact heating in injection machines/extruders and for heating of containers, tanks, etc.


We provide custom parts for the following:

• Band Heaters-

We supply band heaters for Injection Molding Machines which are made from the highest quality products in the industry, to ensure the longest-running life!

We have an inventory of many standard sizes, but we work very hard to supply customer bands at expedited delivery in 1 to 2 days!

• Coil Heaters for Injection Molding Machines-

Our coil heaters are made in many different sizes and diameters. We supply all the standard size coil heaters, as well as anything you would need for your special applications. We supply coils and all the OEM designs for mini coils.

All of these are designed lock-ups, and any designs for hot runner tooling are also available. With our stocked quantities, we offer competitive pricing.

• Nozzle and Mica Band Heaters-

We manufacture a fantastic range of mica and nozzle heaters. Our parts are made in the India of high-quality materials. Our nozzle bands for Injection Molding Customers are the best quality available!

We ship replacement parts out quickly so that we can save our customers from a loss of production! By ordering with us, you can get our top quality parts shipped out on the same day, so that you get back to work.

We have worked very hard to keep our costs low and volume purchases in order to supply the high-quality brands at competitive prices and also available brass heater in different sizes.

• Cartridge Heaters-

These are most frequently used for heating metal parts by insertion into drilled holes. For easy installation, the heaters are made slightly undersize.

• Ceramic Heaters-

Our ceramic bands are stocked and/or made-to-order for your needs. We can build and ship any ceramic band needed in 1-2 days, to help our customers and their production demands.

We only supply high-quality India made ceramics for all European, Asian, and USA machines. Since we build to order, we can keep you from stocking low usage Ceramic Heater Bands on the shelf. You can cut your costs from having to go to the OEM for quick delivery.

As one of the largest distributors, specifically for the Injection Molding and Plastics Industry, we can supply everything needed for the Plastics Industry.

Custom Bands: We also supply a full line of Mica and Ceramic Bands, custom manufactured to your specifications.

All Sizes of Bands: As part of our commitment to servicing our customers, we carry a full line of sizes, in 120, 240, and 460 volt, of high quality, low priced Nozzle Band Heaters.

Blow Molding: Ceramic & Jacket Heaters

We build custom Ceramic Bands, Mica Bands, Cartridge and Coil Heaters, with fast turn around time. Oftentimes, we can provide same-day shipping to get your business back up and running quickly.

Call us to Buy or for order assistance with a new or replacement part for mica band, nozzle bands, barrel bands, coil, or ceramic band heaters. Call now: +91 2522 248630

We are the leading Manufacturer of Ceramic, Nozzle, and Bend Heaters for Plastic Injection and Blow Molding Machine which are widely used for power saving concepts which saves electricity around 30% and has a long life of more than 5 years.

With high temperature, Ceramic materials, and original Nichrome wire element. Such heaters are used in many industries like Plastics, Paper, Rubber, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Packing, Sealing, Printing, and many more. These Ceramic heaters are available in various diameters from 2” & in various Lengths as per customer’s requirement.

Nozzle Band Heaters - up to 550°C

Nozzle Band find their usage at injection molding machinery in the polymer processing industry. They melt dense and safeguard the temperature on the crucial spots.

They are further suitable for Hot Runner tools, for transferring tubes with bitumen processing, for bag sealers, for filling devices (food industry), and for special-purpose machinery manufacture. They are proven as reliable OEM equipment for several common machinery types.

Coil Type Nozzle Band Heaters are specially designed to prevent the failure of heaters against the leakage of plastic material at the nozzle. These heaters gives higher temperature at nozzle point which is required.

Industrial Mica Insulated Band Heaters

Mica heater offers efficient and economical heating solutions to pipes and tubes that require external indirect heating. These are used to heat-up the external surface of drums or pipes for a gradual heat transfer. A mica core surrounds the precisely wound heating element, producing a thin, efficient shield.


•Fast heating compare to mica band and thus power save.

•Long life & Durable

•Due to ceramic used, good electrical insulation achieved.

•Withstand at high Temperature and low energy cost.



•Blow Molding Machine

•Barrels and dies of Injection

•Autoclaves & Chemical Reactors