Viton & Silicone: O-Rings, Rubber Cords, Gaskets, Oilseal

O-rings are common seals used in many manufacturing industries.

We offer a ton of choices for O-rings in round, square and quattro cross section shapes and pick from materials like Buna-N, EPDM, neoprene and silicone.

Oil seals are used to ensure smooth operation of plant, vehicles and machinery. We are Speciality for providing Oil Seals, O Ring, P.U.U Seals, P.U Road Seals, P.U.Wiper Seals, Circlips, Spider, Rubber Cords, Silicon Cords, and Viton rings.

Viton® is an all-round material capable of handling a diverse array of applications, particularly sealing jobs involving movement. It is suited for silicone fluids and gases, petroleum oils, acids and some halogenated hydrocarbons. Viton® O-rings are extremely versatile, finding a home in many chemical processing, automotive and appliance applications.

Silicone rings are nonconductive, eliminating shock and burning during electrical contact. Silicone rings can be worn daily and last a very long time. Silicone is tough enough for everyday wear, but will also give way and break when placed under extreme pressure.

Oil Seals prevent lubricants from escaping, keep contaminants from entering and help stop intermixture of different mediums. Oil seals are commonly used in driveshafts, crankshafts and hydraulic cylinders where a rotating shaft is lubricated by oil or grease. Rajendra Traders are One of the leading Supplier and Distributor of Automotive Oil Seals.

We have been able to offer the clients a wide range of U Seals. U-Seals are vital components in the prevention of oil and lubricant leakage. Contact us for the right sealing application now. Buy Seals and Gaskets for your Modern machines.

Gasket is a mechanical seal that is used primarily to prevent leaks of gas or liquid. They can be used as a barrier between two objects, such as two metals or chemicals. They are often utilized as protection from outside elements as well. Rubber gaskets are used in a wide range of applications such as pipe gaskets, heat exchangers. Material Used are Silicone Rubber, Natural Rubber and Nitrile.