Molybdenum Wire- For High Speed EDM

This silvery metal has the sixth highest melting point of all metals.

Molybdenum’s ability to resist high temperatures without expanding or softening makes it useful in high pressure and high temperature applications. Molybdenum is generally alloying element with steel in order to make that steel stronger. It is added to even small steel concentrations, the result is an ultra-high-strength steel that will maintain structural stability when placed under pressures reaching as high.


Sometimes molybdenum wire is used instead of tungsten due to its lower density, about half of tungsten. However, the weight to strength ratio for molybdenum wire is high.

It is often used to form sharp corner corners of thin, small and narrow notches. It is mainly used for high speed EDM cutting machine due to its high melting temperature.

It is used as heating materials of high temperature resistance furnace, heating elements, automotive, and wire cutting machine.

Molybdenum sheet | Roaring to various Sector

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It is used as the steel-making additive. Also used for producing electric light source parts and electric vacuum components.

Supplier and Distributor of Moly

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•High Melting Temperature,2620°C

•Good Thermal and Electrical Conductivity

•High Density

•Low vapor pressure at high temperature



•Chemical Composition:99.95% min moly




•Thermal Spray Coating