Tungsten Wire | Mainly use in Modern Industry

The tungsten metal is mainly used as hard metal in the form of tungsten carbide and also most widely used refractory metal with the symbol W. It is also used in great demand as a special hardening agent in the segment like armaments, steels, electronic, lighting, metal coating, and chemical industries. The modern technology has a wide range of applicability for the unique metal W.

Used for filament for lighting, electron tube, electrode, high temperature furnace parts.


Heating Element Wire- W

Molybdenum or Tungsten is the ideal choice when you need to achieve long life at high temperatures in a vacuum furnace or vacuum metalizing. Rajendra Traders are the tungsten wire Suppliers and Distributors since the past 25 years in India.

Reason: why Melting point of Tungsten is high?

The low thermal expansion and high melting point and tensile strength of W originate from strong covalent bonds formed between their atoms by the 5d electrons. Alloying small quantities of this metal with steel greatly increases its toughness.

Tungsten- Highest Melting Point and Temperature

Tungsten has the highest melting point metal, at 3,422 °C, and the best high temperature strength of the four common refractory metals. It has been used for many years in the lamp industry for filaments.

Tungsten is used in filaments in incandescent light bulbs, it is also used in electric contacts and arc-welding electrodes. It is used in alloys, such as steel, to which it imparts great strength.

Why is the Filament of a bulb made of Tungsten Wire?

The filament is made of tungsten wire which behaves as a resistance to the electrical input energy. According to the temperature at which the filament glows will determine the appearance of the light emitted.

An incandescent light bulb has a small thin wire with two bigger wires holding it up. This wire is called a filament. The filament is the part of the light bulb that produces light.

Filaments in incandescent light bulbs are made of W. Whenever an electric current goes through the filament, the filament glows.

It is used as the filament in incandescent light bulbs because the tungsten melting point is the highest of any metal and the higher the temperature, the greater the efficiency and whiter the light.


•Strong construction and small Tolerance

•Immaculate finish and Long Lifetime

•Long durability

•Standard twisting

•High resistance


•Vacuum Coating

Incandescent Lamp

•Light Bulbs and Cathod ray tubes


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