Nylon Monofilament Yarn

Nylon filament is an incredibly strong, durable and versatile 3D printing material. Flexible when thin, but with very high inter-layer adhesion, nylon lends itself well to things like living hinges and other functional parts.

Nylon yarn is a synthetic material yarn that can be made to resemble the look and feel of many natural fibers. Natural fiber yarns, such as wool, may be very expensive.


Our Nylon Yarn is reckoned for its high strength & lustrous surface and can be availed in customized lengths. At the initial stages of using raw material for the production, our dedicated quality staff makes certain that the inputs used are of premium quality.

Thus, our offered range is highly appreciated for the quality. Our entire range of products is produced as per international quality standards. Therefore, they are dependable and worth the price.

We make available, top-grade Nylon Yarn, which is manufactured using 100% nylon. It is known for its high thread strength. The yarn has a lustrous appearance and available in different length. They are high abrasion resistant with higher heat resistance and are best suited for various industrial applications. Resistance against alkalies and acids, Better abrasion resistance.

Its properties make it the preferred choice over natural yarn options, such as cotton, silk and wool.

There are many types of nylon available such as Nylon 6 nylon 66, nylon 6/6-6, nylon 6/9, nylon 6/10, nylon 6/12, nylon 11, nylon 12.

Nylon Yarns are used for apparels, home textiles, semi-industrial products and under garments. Nylon is bifurcated in to Nylon 6 & Nylon 66. Also called PA6 and PA66. Nylon 6 is used in manufacturing garments mainly, whereas Nylon 66 is used to manufacture industrial products like tire cords, ropes for finishing nets.

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Benefits of Nylon:

Strength & Uniformity. Our fabrics have high tensile, tear and burst strength, even at low fabric weight, and outstanding uniformity.

Printability and Dyeability.


•Material : Nylon

•Feature : High Strength, Recycled


•Fishing Net


•Consumer Goods