Yuken India Hydraulic Valves

The Indian market is well known for Yuken’s Hydraulic valve manufactured by Yuken, for its versatile features. Any hydraulic component has to be very strong and efficient to run any hydraulic driven system without any interruption and failure. This is only possible with Yuken valves.

We supply standard, off-the-shelf products but at Yuken, we will always go the extra mile to understand your needs and provide solutions that will allow you to meet the increasingly tough challenges that we all face.

Yuken and its products are recognized as an industry leading brand, utilized in various regular and specialist applications around the world.

Yuken has a wide range of pressure control valves which can be used in hydraulic sytems to regulate the pressure of the Hydraulic system.

Logic valves consist of pilot passage covers and cartridge elements. Our valves are useful for the shock-less movement of hydraulic systems and rapid shifting. These valves are highly advisable for hydraulic system with high pressure, high flow rate, and low pressure drop.

Directional valves are composed of a solenoid operated pilot valve and a pilot operated slave valve. When a solenoid is energized the pilot valve directs the flow to move the spool of the lower valve, thus changing the direction of flow in the hydraulic circuit.

Flow valves control the flow of fluid in hydraulic driven system. It is operated with hydraulic actuators that react to any change in flow and will open and shut the valve.

We are the leading distributor and supplier of Yuken hydraulic products. Buy all Yuken valves that are available at a best price.